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Trail of the Heart

Trail of the Heart: Follow the Path to Personal Growth and Success with Grit & Gratitude Coaching

Trail of the Heart is a six-week program designed for adults who are seeking change in their lives. Each two-hour session provides the opportunity for self-reflection and includes homework assignments that encourage continued growth and exploration.

Life is a journey, and the choices we make along the way shape our path. Trail of the Heart is founded on the belief that everyone possesses the skills, attitudes, qualities, and characteristics necessary to succeed in life and create their own incredible future.

This program takes inspiration from the travels of our ancestors, where each leg of the journey leads to a new and exciting destination. The six camps of Trail of the Heart build upon each other, guiding participants towards their destination. At the end of each camp, a booklet with discussion topics and thought-provoking questions is provided.

Participants have found Trail of the Heart to be life-changing, helping them move forward, establish and reach their goals. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the power of personal growth and self-discovery.

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